Let’s take a closer look at two of the features of the new Australian Made Expedition Expedition 134 Box that help make the box different from the rest on the market and far more usable.

Below is a short video explaining our unique corner tie-down points and how they can be used to solve the age-old problem of accessing the contents of a box while it is still secured to your roof rack or in the back of your ute.

We also take a quick look at those raised circular points on the bottom of the box that some might be wondering about and show how they work if you want the option of permanently fixing the box down with large bolts.  In a nutshell, all you do is simply drill in the middle of these points for an M6 or M8 sized bolt and then use a large washer to the size of the circular reinforcement and you’re sorted!  These reinforcements mean the bolts won’t pull through the bottom of the box or split the box and also mean that the box will retain its resistance to the ingress of rain and dust.



Welcome to Expedition 134

We’re excited to introduce the new Expedition 134 website, the new home for Open Sky Touring.

This change is another step in our journey to consolidate our branding and name in the marketplace.

While things might look different, the passion to make the toughest and most functional gear possible hasn’t.