Expedition Box 1st Production run – and your chance to bag a bargain!

For those following our journey to build a better box for the camping, touring and the expedition mob, we are just about at Ground Zero!  6.5 tonnes of Expedition Box injection moulds have been set up in the Brisbane factory.

Yes, finally!  It has been a slog of over 2 years to get from a simple thought that we wanted something better, to now.  But it is here, and we are excited to start production of a 100% Aussie designed and manufactured product.  If you don’t know what we are making all this noise about, there is a video below to get you up to speed. For those new to the story, welcome aboard, we’d love your support also!  And to those who have been following and singing out with ideas and encouragement, know that it has meant a hell of a lot to us. 

To the blokes at the Nissan Patrol Forums, our mates at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the Firies, the mines, and the oil and gas fellas, and those around the country who helped with our surveys on features and pricing, and all those who provided advice and even helped test our prototypes, thank you!  Especially our families, thanks for putting up with us!

The Features

So, what is the big deal and what is the difference between our Expedition Box and any other box out there?  We’ll answer this with a couple of points:

  1. Firstly – it has proper, reinforced, tie-down points on the corners of the box. This means you can still access the contents of the box without having to undo your ropes or ratchets.
  2. Secondly – it has been designed with a nice flat interior floor and smooth walls for easy cleanout. There is no over-hanging internal lip that holds all the dirt or water in the box.  When you finish your trip, they hose out and wipe clean in seconds.
  3. Thirdly – it has a proper weather seal to keep the water and dust out of your gear.

“Interested in the pre-production discount then you can Buy Now on our product page.” On top of that, the Expedition box:

  • Is a great size
  • Has strap guides on the lid
  • stacks on top of other Expedition boxes
  • has a removable lid
  • has no metal so no rust if you use them in the boat
  • is lockable
  • has four designated drillable points if you want to bolt it down
  • has a reinforced lid for carrying loads. We’ve jumped all over them and regularly use them as a step to put stuff on the roof rack; and
  • doesn’t pool water on top if you leave them out in the rain

 To even get to this point of finally releasing them for sale, we torture tested a range of materials until we settled on one that we think works really well.  This stuff is as tough as nails and has nicely handled all the abuse we’ve dished out to it.

We’ve also nearly gone nuts testing a huge number of weather seals just to get one that we are happy will keep out the dust and rain.  We have put this box through the ringer!  We hammered it with a high-pressure hose and even submerged it in a river.  Then we did thousands of kilometres with it in all the dust and weather you’d expect to be encountered around Australia, and it took it in its stride.

Pre-sale Discount

Now, onto the important bits – Price and Availability, right?  The Expedition box will soon retail from our website at a regular price of $159 plus a flat $19.95 postage and $49.95 for the NT, WA and TAS.  We think that is excellent value given the features, engineering, and testing that has gone into them. To start with, and to give us a boost, we want to offer them at a cool 109 bucks for anyone wishing to order before we do the first run.  First in best dressed so to speak.   That’s $109 per box with the same flat rate for freight.  Not bad value!  The first production run will be done in matte grey and black colours to start with.  The pre-order discount offer will close on Wednesday the 17th October when we push the ‘Go’ button on the big injection moulding machine.  Shipping will start on or before the 31st of October.

Contact us

For anyone who is an Aussie based retailer and likes the idea of the Expedition Boxes on your shelves, please contact us for a quote.  We can be contacted via our website, direct on email at sales@openskytouring.com, or on 1300 397 134.

As the name indicates, these boxes have been designed for the outdoors.  Whether you are touring the country, camping, boating or fishing, they can go where you can go.  To take advantage of our pre-production sale until 17 October 2018 ‘The Expedition box’ can now be purchased directly from our product page on our site.

5 thoughts on “Expedition134 – 1st Production Run and Pre Production Sale

  1. David Lavell says:

    Hi guys,
    I like the look of these boxes and am seriously considering buying some.

    Can you tell me the dimensions?

    • Ben Kincade says:

      Hi Severin, I haven’t got the internal dimensions handy at the moment. I’ll take some measurements soon and get back to you. It is 55 litre volume. Has a 3 degree taper from top to bottom for strength and nesting though.

    • Ben Kincade says:

      Severin, it is a fraction under 500mm long on the interior floor x about 360mm wide. And obviously it is a fraction longer on both measurements at the top due to the taper. Hope this assists.

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