Best Features # 2 – the interior walls and floor

What is the benefit of the Expedition Box’s smooth lined interior and flat floor?

Let’s answer that question with a question – what types of boxes have you been using up until now for all your outdoor activities?  Have you ever used the big heavy boxes with moulded in corners and ribs?  The ones with the overhanging lip all around the top?  Are you using boxes without any sort of dust/weather sealing?  Are you using the clear plastic boxes from Bunnings or Woollies?  There are no wrong types, just different feature sets, but if you are an experienced 4wdriver, touring traveller, or boater, you have no doubt learned a few lessons along the way as to how to store your gear.   What works and what doesn’t.  What lasts and what takes the rough treatment.

If you have used the big heavy types, then you might already know they are a great strong product but that they have some disadvantages too.  If you have used them in the professional or commercial marine environment, then you’d also know that the hinges and latches rust out pretty quickly too, which is why they aren’t found much in that industry.  These types of storage cases are what is called a roto-moulded product.

The ridges and the interior lip are designed in to add strength and rigidity.  Roto-moulding is what allows these types of boxes to have the vertical or square walls and corners that we at Open Sky Touring used to think were necessary for ease of packing.  We’ve used them in the back of utes, strapped them to quad bikes and even used them as general storage boxes in the shed at home.  In fact, we still use them for some things. Roto-moulded products are one way of doing things and like everything, they have advantages and disadvantages.  The main advantage is that the moulds are cheaper and the design is really strong with great impact resistance, which is why they are often used by the military.  The disadvantage, for those of us not in the military, is that those same ridges and internal lips or edges, mean that they are a pain to stack your gear in an orderly manner, let alone cleanout.  They can also be overly heavy.

There is a huge amount of variety of boxes out there that can be used in our area of overland touring and travelling, and camping and boating, however, we decided we wanted something better, and something that didn’t cost so much.  The result?  We designed the Expedition 134 Box.  And, we opted to use the Injection Moulding process, which would allow us to build in the features we wanted.  Yes, injection moulds are much higher tech and thus far more expensive with all the precision moving parts and hydraulics, but we believe the end product is well worth it.

One of the best features this let us achieve, was a strong robust end product that retained a clean, smooth interior and a flat floor for ease of stacking gear, and ease of cleanout. No ridges.  No internal lip at the top to prevent cleanout.  And, the boxes could also be stacked inside themselves for storage when empty.  Take a look at the video below:

Are they still strong enough?  Absolutely.  And if you don’t believe us, check out what some of our customers are saying

These were built to a lid load rating of 120kgs, however real-world testing and use by customers have found them much more robust than that. The Expedition Boxes are made with a UV stabilizer and impact resistance additives.  They will last.  They are robust.  And, they are priced at $159 each so they are affordable for everyone.

If you want some further information on the other great features, like the Tie-down points, or the custom weather seals.

Welcome to Expedition 134

We’re excited to introduce the new Expedition 134 website, the new home for Open Sky Touring.

This change is another step in our journey to consolidate our branding and name in the marketplace.

While things might look different, the passion to make the toughest and most functional gear possible hasn’t.