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Stacking items in an orderly manner not only makes your life easier but also lets you enjoy your holiday without as much stress. The Expedition 134 storage box can help you keep everything in one place while at home, camping or 4wding. But how do they stack up compared with traditional custom 4wd drawers? Read on to learn more about these two 4wd storage options.


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The Expedition134 box is designed to have enough storage space for your outdoor activities. These heavy duty plastic storage boxes range in size to accommodate small to large cars. A standard box has the dimensions of 57.8cm length x 44.0cm  width x 34.5cm high; a considerable size that can accommodate a lot of gear and still be easily transported out of the vehicle compared to custom twin 4wd drawers, which typically measure 85cm length x 42cm width x 20cm high internally.


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The Expedition134 is a general-purpose box that’s very easy to clean. It has been designed with perfect finishes and is made of a non-metal material that doesn’t absorb moisture or let dirt build-up in cracks. You can also clean and dry the Expedition134 seamlessly compared to 4wd storage drawers, which can only open a certain way and can’t be moved around.


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The Expedition134 heavy duty plastic storage boxes offer excellent value for money, starting at $159. The box is versatile, durable, easy to clean and has ample storage space. You can also stack multiple boxes for additional storage. Typically, custom 4wd drawers start at around $1,800 for a standard two-drawer fitout.


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The Expedition134 is a compact, heavy duty plastic storage box with impressive versatility. You can use it while camping or 4wding and in marine or damp environments, thanks to its weather-proof capabilities. It’s also a sizeable box, portable and lightweight (about 3.95kg). Custom 4wd storage drawers don’t offer the same convenience, as the installation is permanent or semi-permanent and they’re hard to detach once fixed.


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The Expedition134 box has numerous applications, from storing vacation items and camping equipment to boating and camping supplies. The storage box is designed to give you more for less and multiple boxes can be stacked to create more storage space. Custom 4wd drawers are less flexible due to their static nature and immobility.


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Expedition134 heavy duty plastic storage boxes are made of thick, resilient and durable material that gives them a long life. They can withstand internal and external pressures and can be used in dry and wet environments. The weather seals prevent water or dust getting inside. 4wd storage drawers, despite being durable, don’t have the all-weather capabilities.


With the Expedition134 box, you can lock your valuables or goods and be sure no one will interfere. Away from external manipulation, these boxes are made to hold and accommodate different things without distorting them in nature or form. Custom 4wd drawers offer a similar level of security. However, Expedition134 boxes can be removed from your vehicle and still offer excellent security.

Overall, the Expedition134 box offers more flexibility, value for money, security, convenience and space than custom 4wd drawers. Visit the online store to browse our range of Expedition134 packages.

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