Is a heavy duty plastic storage box missing from your 4wd supplies? Check out the Expedition134 lockable storage box. It ensures that your camping gear, tools or any other items are kept safe and sound during your adventures.

Here’s why the Expedition134 is the perfect storage box for you:

1. It’s Light & Strong

Despite being lightweight, this is one of the toughest heavy duty plastic storage boxes currently available on the market. Its considerable strength lets it accommodate a variety of items. The lightweight design and injection moulding manufacturing method means you do not have to carry any unnecessary weight on your next camping adventure.

2. No More Battling with ratchet straps or ropes to access your gear

Constantly battling to untie your storage box to gain access to your gear is painful and tiresome. Fortunately, the Expedition134 provides easy access to your items even when it’s tied down due to the external dedicate tie-down points. You typically need only a few seconds to access anything inside, so you can spend more time enjoying your trip.

3. Saves Time on Cleaning

The Expedition134 storage box’s smooth interior makes it very easy to clean. This saves you the trouble of spending all day trying to remove stubborn grit or dirt stuck in crevices created by unnecessary ribs or underneath a painfully positioned internal lip at the top of the storage box. On top of that, after washing, it only takes a short time to dry, so you can repack your supplies quickly.

4. No Rusting

It can be frustrating to have a 4wd storage box that’s susceptible to rust. Metal componentry like latches rust in the saltwater environment and become failure points. Rust stains can also damage other gear you are carrying next to your storage box. Luckily, the Expedition134 doesn’t contain any metal whatsoever, so no rust. This also enhances the box’s durability, letting you to use it for a very long time.

5. Easily Attached to Your Vehicle

The Expedition134 comes with drill points on its base and dedicated external corner tie-down points that you can use to attach it to your vehicle roof rack, canopy, wagon or ute tray effortlessly. With these handy features, you never have to worry about the storage box moving out of position even during rough off-road driving. But importantly you can access your belongings without having to untie it. This keeps your gear safe, secure and accessible throughout your journey.

6. Customised Weather Seals

The weather can become pretty wild sometimes, and it can be challenging to find a camping storage box that can handle the ever-changing elements. The Expedition134 is one of the few storage boxes designed to withstand a variety of weather and environmental changes. With its customized ridge and seal, it guarantees the security of all your items even when the weather or environment is exceptionally harsh.

7. Lockable

Not being able to secure the contents in a storage box at camp, on the back of your ute or up on your roof rack when leaving your valuables unattended is a worry. The Expedition134 camping box is lockable with a padlock at each latch point. Giving you peace of mind to enjoy exploring while your gear is safe from slippery hands.

8. More Storage Options

The Expedition134 box comes with unlimited storage options. Store it in your wagon, inside your vehicle canopy or outside in your ute or up on your roof rack. It saves you the stress of always looking for safe and secure storage locations knowing your gear is safe and secure in the Expedition134 4wd storage box. It gives you time to think about other issues, like cracking that first beer of the trip.

Welcome to Expedition 134

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