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From weekend getaways to long-distance trips, storage is a constant battle when camping. Even the biggest 4WDs tend to pull out of the driveway packed to the brim. Are you struggling with your camping storage? Check out these clever camping storage ideas for some space-saving inspiration.

1. Expedition134 Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box

Expedition 134 Black Storage Box Open Sky Touring

Designed for rough conditions, Expedition134 heavy duty storage boxes offer an impressive set of features. Pack them with food, camping gear, snorkel sets and anything else that rattles around in the car.

The innovative design means the lockable storage boxes can easily be stacked for bonus space-saving. Throw in some quick release straps to keep your lockable storage boxes safe and secure, whether you’re cruising down the highway or taking on the Gibb River Road. With a lid load rating of 120kg, they can also be a handy stool or step around the camp.

2. Spice up your camp kitchen with Tic Tac containers

Spice up your camp kitchen with Tic Tac containers

Love to cook while camping, but don’t fancy lugging around dozens of spice jars? A great camping storage idea is to save your empty Tic Tac containers and repurpose them as pocket-sized spice dispensers that can hold anything from salt and pepper to saffron and cinnamon.

3. Use compact cooking sets

compact cooking sets

Pots, pans, spatulas and other bulky kitchen items can take up a huge amount of space. If you’re looking for easy camping storage ideas, consider investing in backpacker-friendly cooking gear, such as pots with foldaway handles or collapsible bowls.

4. Invest in a rooftop tent

Roof Rack - Matfew Open Sky Touring

One of the absolute best ways to free up boot space and maximise your camping storage is to invest in a rooftop tent. These genius inventions sit on the roof of your 4WD and simply pop up to create an instant sleeping space. Without the bulk of a tent, mattresses, pillows and bedding in your boot, you’ll unlock serious camping storage space.

5. Add a roof rack

Roof Racks Rhinorack Expedition 134

If you’re not throwing a tent on the roof, consider adding a roof rack to your camping arsenal. Make sure you invest in some good straps for attaching boxes and other gear. If you want to make life even easier, consider attaching a rooftop box or capsule that essentially increases your boot space.

6. Folding camp kitchens

Folding camp kitchen

The camp kitchen is the heart of any proper camp site. If you’re whipping up meals for a big crew, a portable folding camp kitchen will make things a whole lot easier. They’re easy to pack away with a few quick folds and are usually made with durable and high-quality plastics and metals.

7. Compression sacks

Compression sacks

Minimise the size of clothes, bedding and other soft items with compression sacks that push out air and can reduce bulk by more than 50 percent. No need for a vacuum, simply fill your bag, roll up the seal and squeeze out excess air.

8. Marie Kondo your camping kit

Marie Kondo Style

Japanese organisation guru Marie Kondo made waves on the lifestyle scene and her philosophy can definitely be applied to camping. It’s worth taking cues from Marie and analysing every item in your camping kit and asking yourself whether it serves a purpose or if it brings you any form of joy. If the answer is no, it could be time to free up some space.

9. Repurpose a hanging shoe rack

Hanging shoe rack

More than just an IKEA add-on, hanging shoe racks fold down small but offer big points for convenience. They’re ideal for organising kitchen supplies, toiletries, clothes and of course, shoes. You can hang them from a tree branch or attach them to the side of your 4WD or shade canopy.

10. Embrace popups

red cup no logo

Popups can seem like a bit of a gimmick, but they’re incredibly useful when it comes to saving space. From PVC bins and silicon sinks to fold down coffee cups, building your popup inventory is a guaranteed way to save space.

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