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Camping is a rite of passage for many true-blue Australians, who choose to swap pricey hotels for the pure joy and adventure of sleeping under the stars. From national parks to serviced campgrounds, camping styles vary from person to person. What shouldn’t change is your level of preparation.

The right gear can make or break a camping trip, which is why it’s so important to invest in good-quality equipment. While not everything has to be brand spanking new, the occasional splurge for your camping kit can be worthwhile.

Are you prepared for your next camping holiday? Check out our range of camping products online, including the new Expedition134 heavy duty storage box.

1. Expedition134 Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Box

Expedition 134 Black Storage Box Open Sky Touring

From storing tents and air mattresses to stashing food, Expedition134 Heavy Duty Storage Boxes are up to almost any task. The lockable storage boxes are manufactured using a unique injection moulding process for durability and strength. As well as a lid load rating of 120kg, the storage boxes are also rust and weatherproof. Need to store a lot? You can save money by purchasing three or four boxes at once.

2. Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor

Keep your tyres in check with a portable air compressor that can be easily loaded into your boot or trailer. Particularly useful for off-road trips, a portable air compressor allows you to make small adjustments to suit the terrain or completely reinflate your tyres if necessary. If you find yourself high and dry with a flat, a portable air compressor could also save you a costly tow.

3. Quick Release Straps

Expedition134 QR Straps Open Sky Touring

The ultimate accessory for the Expedition134 lockable storage boxes, quick release straps attach to the external tie down points and make it easy to secure your boxes in place. Each strap boasts a load rating of 150kg and is manufactured in Australia with UV resistant webbing and stitching. One end features a double ‘J’ hook to clip into the Expedition134 box and the other has a versatile ‘S’ hook compatible with a variety of different anchors and tie down points.

4. Head Torch

Head Torch

From late-night bathroom trips to rummaging around for a lighter, a head torch takes the hassle out of simple tasks after dark. Some head torches are powered by batteries, while others feature a clever USB charging option. While torches and smartphones can be tempting, the hands-free nature of a head torch makes it so much more convenient.

5. Ezy Anchor

Ezy Anchor Pack Open Sky Touring

Say goodbye to bent pegs with Ezy Anchor screws designed to take the headache out of tent and canopy assembling. Outback Packs feature hardy 200mm screws designed to penetrate the hardest soils found in the Australian Outback, while Coastal Packs feature longer screws for stability in softer terrain. If you’re the kind of camper who likes to set up fast and get a cold drink in hand ASAP, these are a must.

6. First-Aid Kit

Survival Workplace First Aid Kit Open Sky Touring

When 4WD touring, safety should never be left to chance. With an onboard First Aid Kit you’ll have instant access to dressings, antiseptics, gloves and pressure bandages. If you’re heading into snake territory, it’s worth adding a Survival Snake Bite Kit™ to your arsenal. Developed with king browns, copperheads, tigers and gwardars in mind, the kit is packed with first aid essentials and potentially lifesaving instructions.

7. Solar Shower

Solar Shower

The ultimate creature comfort accessory, a solar shower is perfect for rinsing off saltwater if you’re camping by the coast or scrubbing off the thick layer of red dust that can build up in the outback. Opt for a basic model or splurge on a solar shower that will leave you feeling clean as a whistle. Shower in the buff or add a privacy screen to your camping kit.

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