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Sometimes it pays to talk a little about yourself over a beer or two. Phil from PhilipVids recently got on the internet blower to rave about our Expedition134 Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Boxes, which he heard about from Nic while sharing a couple of schooners.

Phil and a couple of fellow Aussie 4WDing enthusiasts, including photographer Scott Mason of Southern Sky Images and Shane from Decked out Fabrications, took a large number of our heavy duty storage boxes up north to Cape Flattery in Queensland for a bit of a camping getaway.

He was very pleased with how the heavy duty storage boxes handled the trip.

“I have now bought a few of the boxes and love them. They go everywhere with us and I put pretty much everything in them,” Phil said about the Expedition134.

“I’ve had recovery gear, safety equipment, tools, food, clothes, grandma’s garden ornaments and camera gear in them and so far no dust or water. Plus they are tough, like really tough. I use them to stand on quite a lot.”

We certainly love Phil’s glowing review, and we can also vouch for the box’s toughness. The lids alone are capable of handling a 120kg load, so you can use them as a stool, step or seat, no dramas.

“Well worth the investment for sure! Plus they are Aussie-owned and the lads just love getting outdoors but using a great kit.”

Thanks Phil for the great review. If you want to discover more of Phil’s exciting 4WDing adventures around Australia, head on over to PhilipVids.

Do you need a tough and durable storage box for your camping equipment? Browse our range of Expedition134 storage boxes and packages online.

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