The Expedition134 is a new, Aussie-made 4WDing and camping storage box 100-percent designed and developed for the rugged Australian adventurer by Open Sky Touring (OST).

This Cairns-based 4WDing and camping company is headed by Ben Kincade and Nic McKenzie, two 4WDing enthusiasts who became tired of buying and flimsy storage boxes. The Expedition134’s innovative design Is based on their years of camping and boating experience, combining all features that were missing from other storage boxes.

The tough-as-nails 55-litre box has been injection moulded, enhancing its overall strength and durability without the added weight. The box weighs just 3.95kg, but the lid is rated to handle up to 120-kilogram loads, so it can be used for sitting or standing without a hitch.

The Expedition134 storage box also comes with reinforced external tie-down points on the corners, so you can open the lid without having to undo and redo ratchet straps if it is stored on your roof rack. It can also be tied down and secured using their ratchet straps, ropes or the custom Expedition134 Quick Release (QR) straps that are also available on the OST website.

The box’s flat Internal floor makes it ideal for packing and it’s very easy to clean after a trip thanks to the absence of an inside lip where dirt and crud typically becomes trapped. The boxes have also been designed to be stacked on top of each other, with the base of one box locking into place with the lid of another.

Boaties will also love the Expedition134 boxes, as they have no metal parts to rust from the saltwater. The customised seal and dedicated ridge design also create a weatherproof seal to keep your gear dry and free from the elements.

expedition 134 camping box 2

The Expedition134 boxes comes in four different colours and you can mix and match the colour of the box and lid to create a two-tone colour scheme that makes it easy to identify each box’s contents at a glance. Retailing at $159.00, the Expedition134 offers excellent value for the money for those seeking a tough, durable and well-design storage box to make life a little bit easier.

The Expedition134 can be bought online at openskytouring.com

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