Expedition 134 Camping Storage Box

Australia has some of the harshest weather in the world, throwing everything from scorching heat to torrential rain at 4WDing and camping enthusiasts. That’s why, when it comes to storing your camping gear, a weatherproof storage box is essential.

It’s important to protect your gear, whether you’re embarking on a 4WDing expedition or stashing your tents, rods and recovery kit in your shed. Fortunately, the Australian-made Expedition134 storage box is designed to withstand Australia’s toughest conditions.

Here are a few things to love about the Expedition134 storage boxes from Open Sky Touring.

Expedition134 - Smooth walls floor no ribs or internal lip

The weather, dust and rust proof design

The Expedition134 sets itself apart from other storage boxes with a custom weather seal that stops water droplets and dust particles in their tracks. The well-designed lid ensures efficient drainage, while the protective ridge wards off dust and debris when your box is exposed to the elements.

There are also no metal components, making rust and corrosion a non-issue. The all-plastic design also means no irritating rattles as you bump along your favourite outback tracks.

Ant and animal proof

There’s nothing worse than an ant invasion in the food box or a mouse-chewed loaf of bread. Not only does the Expedition134 keep out water and dust, it also repels rodents, insects and other unwanted pests. If you need to clean your lockable storage box, simply give it a good hose or scrub, then leave it to dry in the sun.

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High-quality, injection moulding design

The precision injection moulding process used to manufacture the Expedition134 is designed to withstand even the hairiest of 4WDing tracks. When they’re not in your 4WD or trailer, the weatherproof storage boxes hold up against high temperatures without fading, cracking or flaking. This is great if you store your gear in a shed or garage. These can heat up fast in summer and degrade low-quality plastics.

Heavy load capacity

The Expedition134 may be lightweight, but it doesn’t compromise on grunt. It has a lid-load capacity of 120 kilograms and is designed for stacking. The heavy-duty plastic storage boxes also feature specially designed lids that lock into place to prevent slips and slides.

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Welcome to Expedition 134

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