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Newsletter Profile ShotAhh, September! The changing of seasons, the drying out of the Cape, dust and fires in the north, and the return of decent numbers of annoying flies to the desert and central cattle areas of this wonderful country!

September is also a month for remembering and thinking of others. Remembering the horror and sacrifice relating to the events of 9/11, the end of war in the Pacific in 1945, and more recently, for the efforts around mental health with the R U OK program. So let’s take a minute and think about others for a bit. Who knows, there might just be someone doing it tougher than you at the moment who could use a chat over the phone.

September also seems to be the month for waiting. Mostly waiting for some sort of resolution to the current COVID problems, but also waiting for some hope that there might be a bit of normalcy in our lives again … hopefully just down the road a bit!

For us at Open Sky Touring and Expedition134, we have been remembering, watching and waiting. The events of 9/11 touched everyone, not just those directly involved in the US. It was a change to our way of life across the globe. The introduction of many new security measures by the world’s governments, ostensibly to protect everyone, has restricted rights and freedoms that we once took for granted. And now, with COVID, it is eye-opening to see the way freedoms are further disappearing in the name of our own welfare. Combine that with all the protests, divisive politics and tensions between major powers; it makes you wonder where it will all end up.

News from the OST team

Not a lot to say at this point in time; however, we have been busy playing with a few exciting new ideas and wondering where things might eventually take us. We will start to give you all an idea of what’s going on when we know for sure ourselves. There’s nothing quite like running your own business with a view to having some sort of control over your own destiny! Every small decision can and does have an impact and the risks are everywhere.

What we can say is that we want to keep being innovative and authentic, and keep providing solutions for the toughest of conditions. Not only that, but we also want to be in the thick of it ourselves and out there experiencing our country’s biggest challenges. Damn! Just talking about it makes me want to pack the Landcruiser again … and the boat!

Shout out to those living the dream

We can’t believe some of the amazing images being posted by Strick and Fran from @b2badventures on Instagram at the moment. These guys are taking two months to travel from the Bloomfield River, just north of Cairns, all the way to the tip of Cape York in a HainesHunter V17. And they’re clearly having a blast fishing, catching crays and camping on remote islands and beaches. It doesn’t get any better than that. We are very much looking forward to the YouTube series to come.

Speaking of YouTube, Wild Reaches have also just finished filming another series on the Cape. This time they explored the East Coast. Don’t miss their upcoming series either. No doubt you’ll all be planning your own trips in no time.

Photo of the Month

Part of the fun about owning your own business is seeing how people manage to put your products to use. Hats off to this customer for a bit of innovation with his pizza delivery business!

MB Pizza Delivery

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Welcome to Expedition 134

We’re excited to introduce the new Expedition 134 website, the new home for Open Sky Touring.

This change is another step in our journey to consolidate our branding and name in the marketplace.

While things might look different, the passion to make the toughest and most functional gear possible hasn’t.