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A fishing holiday is something that has and always will be an integral part of Australian culture. Few things can rival venturing off to one of Australia’s idyllic fishing campsites and being able to cast a line out metres from your tent. A camping and fishing holiday also lets you enjoy relative peace and quiet amongst Australia’s serene nature. Not a bad idea during times of stress.

So just where are Australia’s best fishing campsites exactly? Through our own holidays and the word of mouth of other fishing enthusiasts, we’ve found the following to be the best campsites with fishing in Australia.

1. Fraser Island, QLD

The largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is a fishing paradise. You can choose to camp in a campground with the usual amenities or set up shop behind the dunes on the beach. Beach camping is the best for waking up, strolling down to the ocean and casting a line out. Depending on the season, the waters are usually teeming with tailor, bream, flathead and dart.

Our favourite fishing spots on Fraser Island include Indian Head, Waddy Point, Sandy Cape and Middle Rocks. It’s also a great spot for deep-sea fishing if you can get your hands on a boat.

Fraser Island Fishing Campsites in Australia Open Sky Touring

2. Calypso Yamba Holiday Park, NSW

Calypso Yamba Holiday Park is located right on the riverfront in Yamba’s town centre. Because of this, along with the on-site pontoon and nearby boat ramps, it grants easy access to Yamba’s best river and ocean fishing spots. In fact, you could cast off from the riverbank, mere metres in front of the camping sites.

When it comes to camping, you can choose between powered and unpowered sites. There are also concrete and grassy sites, along with the coveted riverfront sites (our personal pick). This is a great local campsite for fishing if you want the amenities of a holiday park, such as barbecues, a pool and playgrounds.

3. Steep Point, WA

Steep Point is the westernmost point of mainland Australia’s. It’s also a coveted destination for serious fishing, camping and 4WDing enthusiasts. Many who’ve been there consider Steep Point to be one of the best land-based fishing spots in the world.

Shelter Bay offers the best campsites with fishing. They’re positioned slightly back from the beach and have decent wind protection. Unfortunately, Steep Point has become so popular you’ll need to book your site eight or nine months in advance. But believe us, it’s all worth it when you’re reeling in Spanish mackerel, tuna, wahoo, coral trout and spangled emperor.

Steep Point Fishing Campsites in Australia Open Sky Touring

4. Tuross Lakeside Family Fishing Village, NSW

Want to get away for a family fishing holiday? We recommend staying at Tuross Lakeside Family Fishing Village. It overlooks Tuross River, where you can reel in plenty of flathead and tailor. The nearby Tuross Head, meanwhile, is perfect for rock fishing for salmon, tailor, bream and drummer.

Tuross Lakeside Family Fishing Village is one of our favourite campsites with fishing for the simple reason of proximity and amenities. Many of the powered and unpowered sites are located on the water’s edge. In fact, many campers anchor their boats just offshore. You also have access to a boat ramp, boat and kayak hire, playgrounds, a games room, camp kitchen and a pool.

5. Fishing Haven Holiday Park, NSW

The name says it all. Fishing Haven Holiday Park is one of the best caravan parks with fishing in New South Wales. It also has powered and unpowered camping sites overlooking the Clarence River on Palmers Island. The on-site boat hire is also ideal for families travelling from out of state.

The holiday park has boat mooring, a picnic area, a camp kitchen and a coffee shop. There’s a great variety of fish to be caught in the Clarence River, especially at the mouth of the ocean. We’re talking tailor, bream, whiting, jewfish, flathead and snapper.

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6. Coffin Bay, SA

Coffin Bay offers remote camping and fishing on one of Australia’s most beautiful coastlines. You’ll need a high-clearance 4WD to access all the areas in Coffin Bay National Park, which is honestly half the fun. These 4WDing spots also have the most secluded campsites with fishing.

Many of the campgrounds have your basic facilities, including picnic shelters, toilets and the occasional kayak launch point. But honestly we’re happy so long as we’ve got access to some quality surf fishing. Word is you can reel in Australian salmon, gummy sharks, whiting and mullet.

Coffin Bay Fishing Campsites in Australia Open Sky Touring

7. Lake Leake, TAS

This is arguably one of the hardest camping sites with fishing to access. Not because of its location, but because of the demand. If you do manage to get a spot, you’ll have a prime location right on Lake Leake.

And isn’t she a beauty. Cast from the shore or head out on the water to reel in gorgeous trout that feed on the spawning fish. There’s even a boat ramp to make things easy for us fishing types.

8. Coolwaters Yeppoon, QLD

Coolwaters Yeppoon is a little hideaway on the Capricorn Coast. It’s ideal for family fishing holidays, thanks to the family-friendly facilities. These include a bouncing pillow, camp kitchen, playground, pool, tennis court and even a water park.

When you do find time for some fishing, we recommend motoring out to the Keppels. This small archipelago is about 30 minutes from Yeppoon and offers top-notch boat fishing and spearfishing. Spanish mackerel, bluefin tuna, coral trout and sweetlip are commonly caught here.

Coolwaters Yeppoon Fishing Campsites in Australia Open Sky Touring

9. Shady Camp, NT

Shady Camp is located along the Mary River in Australia’s remote Northern Territory. This is the place to go if you’re fishing for barramundi and don’t mind sharing the water with some local crocodiles. We love this fishing campsite for its one-of-a-kind atmosphere. There are only 50 sites, but it has flushable toilets and drinking water. You can also sit around a fire provided you use the built-in fireplaces.

Due to its remote nature, Shady Camp’s fishing is spectacular, with an abundance of barramundi just waiting for keen anglers. You can organise a charter if you don’t have your own boat or want the benefit of some local knowledge.

10. Weipa, QLD

Weipa is a fishing paradise in the remote northern reaches of Queensland. What kind of fishing do you prefer? Doesn’t matter, because Weipa has it all. Fly fishing, lure fishing, heli fishing, deep-sea fishing and simply fishing off the sand can all be enjoyed here. It’s also a great spot to angle for barramundi and billfish, both of which provide an unforgettable challenge.

If you’re looking for a fishing campsite in Weipa, we recommend Weipa Camping Ground. It’s a bit of a fishing lodge, constantly housing keen anglers throughout the year. There are plenty of powered and unpowered campsites, a swimming pool and modern amenities. The campground’s store sells ice, bait and tackle.

11. Sweers Island, QLD

If you want to camp on Sweers Island, you’ll need a permit from the local Aborignal Council. Alternatively, you can stay at the resort, which offers two-bed and six-bed cabins. We’ve included it on this list despite the lack of camping, because it’s a bucket-list fishing destination.

The surrounding rock reefs and headlands make Sweers Island one of the best fishing spots in Australia. You’ve got a great chance of reeling in sweetlip, parrot fish, golden snapper and red emperor. Winter is prime time for deep-sea fishing for spanish mackerel, giant trevally and northern bluefin tuna. The resort even provides great-quality fishing boats equipped with 40 HP outboards and sounders.

Best Fishing Campsites for a Quality Holiday

There are so many fishing campsites to choose from in Australia. The above selection gives you a great range of isolated campsites with fishing, modern campgrounds and family-oriented holiday parks. But at the end of the day, so long as you can catch something decent there’s little else to worry about.

If you want to discover even more fishing campsites and fishing spots around Australia, we recommend checking out the following sources:

  1. Angler’s Almanac 2020
  2. Fishing groups on Facebook
  3. Join your local fishing or boating club
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