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Newsletter Profile ShotAs we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, hopefully we will be done with the 2020 political machinations for the year and people can start to see some form of normalcy returning.

We, like many others, are looking beyond the ‘reality TV’ that has dominated our news feeds from the US elections, and the smug looks from certain Queensland politicians who would have us think they have saved us all by keeping the borders shut.

At least we have the Far Northern Hot Season starting and the barra coming on the chew. Let’s all try to get on with life in the best way possible and appreciate that differences of opinion can be a good thing. Being able to think for ourselves and express our thoughts should be encouraged on all levels. But enough of that, let’s get back to the barra…

News from the OST team

We are getting our adventure boat back from Thursday Island and plan to put it to good use this coming year with some remote camping and fishing trips. Getting it back to Cairns is shaping up to be an adventure in its own right, as we have to drive up to Seisia in January, if the weather will allow it, to bring the old girl back down. After we get it back, we will be looking to spear a trout or two off Cairns before we go and chase some Gulf barra when the season opens again early next year. Yeeha!

Expedition 134 Boxes

However, the most exciting news for this month is that Nic is also finally able to come back to Australia and home to Cairns for Christmas. About time! We had better plan to fire up the smoker for another “Directors meeting and rum tasting” to celebrate.

Weight savings

If you are looking for some weight-saving advice for your next trip or an example of someone completely redoing their camping setup in order to get back to basics, check out Tim Bates 4WD Adventures. Tim has pulled everything out of his Nissan Patrol and started from scratch with a philosophy that his gear needs to be minimalistic, tough and fit for purpose.

Besides weight savings, there are so many hidden benefits of getting back to basics with camping. Would you ever have believed that ditching weight would lower your EGTs? You better believe it!

Check out Tim’s video to see how he converted his Nissan GU Patrol.

McGrath Foundation

October saw us do a short exclusive run of 50 hot pink-coloured Expedition134 boxes, donating $10 from each sale to the McGrath Foundation. These literally sold out within a week and we were able to donate $460. I hear you thinking that the maths doesn’t work there right? Right! Well, we kept two and one was used for marketing. We donated the last pink box to another charity fundraiser being run by a sister North Queensland business, Decked Out Fabrication. These guys managed to raise a further $1,800 for the Cancer Council with their raffles! Awesome work guys. We are really stoked to have been able to contribute back to our society in this small manner.

The hot pink colour was in high demand and may yet see several small batch production runs throughout the year. We’ll of course be continuing our support of the McGrath Breast Care Nurses who are doing such great work around Australia.

Expedition134 Box Feature Highlight for November

One of the key features of the Expedition134 box is the ability to lock it with a padlock whenever necessary. This comes in handy when you’re touring this great country and you need to use the box on the roof or permanently mounted on a trailer. Simply throw on a padlock and you have peace of mind that your gear is always safe!

Expedition 134 with Padlock

Till next time

The Open Sky Touring Team


Welcome to Expedition 134

We’re excited to introduce the new Expedition 134 website, the new home for Open Sky Touring.

This change is another step in our journey to consolidate our branding and name in the marketplace.

While things might look different, the passion to make the toughest and most functional gear possible hasn’t.