Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

Want to know a great way to tell the difference between newbie 4WDers and experienced ones? It’s all in their 4×4 touring setup. There ones who have been there and done that tend to nail it with just the right amount of gear. Others might bring too much or too little, but the veterans of the open road would do Goldilocks proud by getting it just right.

It’s been a crazy year to say the least. So it’s great to see that plenty of Aussies are still managing to get away for an epic 4WDing holiday or two. Let’s take a look back at the year that was 2020. Forget about the natural disasters, the pandemic and all of that. Let’s focus instead on the best 4×4 touring setups.

Keep in mind that the best 4×4 setups are based around what each individual needs and wants. There’s no one-setup-suits-all approach. However, we think you’ll still find some inspiration for your own touring setup from these beauties. Whether it’s as simple as adding a slider for your fridge.

4×4 Touring Setup #1

Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

Jamie Hazelden is an absolute legend of the outback. Most times, if we’re thinking about doing a trip, Jamie has already done it a couple of times. All this experience has led him to having one of the most efficient 4WD camping setups we’ve ever seen.

Jamie now travels around Australia in a seriously decked out Mitsubishi Canter 4WD touring truck. Just look at this beauty! Jamie chose this 4×4 touring setup because he loves to live in and out of his vehicle.

He’s thought of literally everything: a boat loader on the back for transporting his tinny; a single bunk bed that doubles as storage space; built-in compressors; internal fishing rod holders; an Enerdrive lithium power system; multiple diesel and water tanks; sliders for his fridge and pantry; and plenty of Expedition134 storage boxes throughout. He even has a dedicated tank for unleaded fuel for his boat and quad bike, which fits on the back of the truck.

Jamie’s been using this 4×4 setup for over a year now and it’s still going strong. Looks like a dream to us. Check out the full tour of his 4×4 touring truck below. You can also follow Jamie’s adventure here.

4×4 Touring Setup #2

Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

Tim Bates, another veteran of Australian 4WDing, updated his 4×4 touring setup in 2020 with an emphasis on saving weight. Tim originally had steel drawers, which he swapped for our lightweight Expedition134 storage boxes. Four boxes gave him enough storage space for all his camping gear and 4WDing supplies.

The weight saving that came with the switch to the Expedition134 boxes also significantly reduced Tim’s EGTs, gave his vehicle better handling and braking, made packing simpler with colour coordination and gave him the ability to use his 4WD for a range of trips.

Tim’s currently focusing on mastering the Victorian High Country in this GU Nissan Patrol. His 4×4 setup is ideal for those who love a tidy, low-maintenance and minimalistic arrangement. He’s got storage in the back, roof storage on top, an Engel fridge, his beloved “pie warmer”, up to 60 litres of water and the crucial sinewave inverter with four outlets.

You can see the transformation of Tim Bates’ 4×4 camping setup in the video below. Follow all of his travels through the High Country and around Australia on Tim Bates 4wd Adventures.

4×4 Touring Setup #3

Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

You’ve gotta love this tidy setup with essentially everything stored in the cab. It’s simple, rustic and effective. A swag and sleeping bag, high-quality fridge, power supply, spare tyre and a couple of Expedition134 boxes for the rest of the gear. This is the perfect 4wd camping setup for a cheeky weekend getaway.

4×4 Touring Setup #4

Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

Whew! Talk about making the most of your space. Good thing they’ve got side mirrors. For anyone who’s ever tried to pack a 4WD, this is a dream. Everything fits in snug and there’s even a little bit of space leftover for a few more cartons of Gold.

We love these types of 4×4 touring setups that showcase exactly how much you can fit inside your 4WD. Honestly, it can be really surprising after a few goes. When you’re heading off on a trip with your family, it’s really crucial to make the most of your space.

The use of the slider for the fridge is an ingenious move and certainly makes life a lot easier around the campsite. The roof rack on the top provides even more space for all the necessities. These guys look ready for a long trip with the whole gang.

4×4 Touring Setup #5

Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

Forget about packing the tents; just bring the bedroom with you. This is a cracking 4×4 camping setup for those who love a bit of modern comfort out bush. True, you’ll be towing a trailer, but you’ll also have a quick and easy place for sleeping and storage.

We also love how the fly screen that comes with the T-van. It’s a great way to let a breeze in while keeping out the mozzies and flies. This 4×4 camping setup actually belongs to a lovely Aussie couple who’ve been on the road now for over a year and are in the middle of their second lap around Australia. They must be pretty comfortable.

4×4 Touring Setup #6

Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

Is there anything prettier than a tidy 4×4 camping setup out bush? This ute’s also towing a camper trailer, which is true-blue Australian camping luxury. Camper trailers fold out into canvas mansions with raised beds and ample storage for your camp kitchen and other supplies.

This is also one of our favourite dual cab touring setups. The tray on the back is a great spot for storing your fridge, water tanks and anything else you don’t mind getting a little wet. These guys have even used a slider for their fridge and a roof rack for extra storage when needed.

4×4 Touring Setup #7

Our Favourite 4x4 Touring Setups of 2020

Talk about a classic 4×4 touring setup. This is a simple and easy approach that could work for a variety of 4WDing enthusiasts. It works well as a dual-cab touring setup with plenty of space in the cab for a fridge, esky and all your food and camping supplies. The side doors on the cab also make it really easy to access all your gear quickly.

The additional compartments just behind the rear tyres also provide a bit of extra space for storing your emergency gear and maps. The roof rack doesn’t go astray either. You can utilise the dedicated tie-down points on the Expedition134 storage boxes to access your contents without unlatching the boxes from the rack.

Cheers to 4×4 Touring in 2020 and Beyond

It’s great to see the adventurous spirit hasn’t died despite everything 2020 has thrown at us. Let’s keep getting out there and discovering this incredible country.

If you’re interested in adding an Expedition134 storage box to your 4×4 touring setup, browse our range of storage boxes online.

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