28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

The Expedition134 is a truly versatile camping storage box. Its innovative design lends it a number of uses whether you need storage for camping, boating, 4WDing or just around the house.

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can use this top-selling camping storage box.

1. Clothes Storage

Have you been looking for quality camping clothes storage? The Expedition134 has 55 litres of storage space and a flat interior for easily stacking and storing clothes. You also won’t have to worry about clothes getting wet or smelly thanks to the camping box’s weatherproof design.

2. Food Storage

Keeping your food safe and dry can sometimes be difficult when camping. Fortunately, camping food storage has a new hero in the Expedition134. We’ve already mentioned its weatherproofing, but did you know about its secure locks? You have three tough locks on the storage box itself, which are great for scavengers, but can also add a padlock for any human pests you might encounter.

3. First Aid Supplies

When storing your first aid supplies, you want a box that’s tough and easy to access. This camping storage box has dedicated tie-down points. These allow you to access its contents even when it’s strapped to your car. Quick and easy in the case of emergency. The various box colours, such as Safety Orange, also make it very easy to identify your first aid box in a hurry.

Need to purchase first aid supplies before your next camping trip? Browse these first aid kits from SURVIVAL, one of Australia’s most trusted brands.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

4. As a Step or a Stool

What camper hasn’t tried to use their box as a step or a stool at least once? With many storage boxes, this can often lead to broken lids or worse. We’re a couple of avid Australian campers, so you know we’ve experienced this more than once.

That’s why we used a unique injection moulding process to create a lightweight, but ultra-tough camping storage box. It has a lid load rating of 120 kilograms, so use it as a step or a stool as much as you want.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

5. As a Table around the Campfire

A couple of beers or nibbles around the campfire is a camping way of life. The lightweight Expedition134 is easily moved from your car to the fire to become your latest campfire table.

6. Fishing Supplies

Need a tough and durable storage box for your fishing gear? Toss them into the Expedition134 next time you head out on your boat. This storage box doesn’t have any metal parts, so no rust. Its custom seal and dedicated ridge design also give it exceptional weatherproofing and water resistance. So you can store your gear without worrying about it getting wet or rusty.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

7. Storage for Tent Pegs and Ropes

Throw all your tent pegs and ropes into this camping storage box for easy access. The smooth interior floor and walls make it a breeze to wash out and dry. So when your ropes and pegs go back inside, they’ll be secure, dry and ready to go for your next trip.

Are you tired of struggling with pegs in hard soil? Check out the Ezy Anchor. You’ll never have to worry about hammering in or wrenching out pegs again.

8. Books & Maps

We’ve pretty much already covered why the Expedition134 is perfect for storing your books and maps. The weatherproofing protects them from getting wet or dusty, while the flat interior is ideal for stacking. It’s why a lot of campers consider the box one of the best camping organizers.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

9. Electrical Cords & Items

This unique weatherproof design is also great for protecting your electrical cords and devices. They’ll stay secure and dry even when you encounter some truly horrible weather. And as any avid camper knows, it’s almost impossible to avoid bad weather if you camp enough.

10. Temporary Esky

The Expedition134 might not be insulated, but it does make a pretty great temporary esky. Throw some drinks, food and ice in there and you’ll be set for some hours. There really aren’t many camping storage systems that can do it all so well.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

11. Organizing Souvenirs & Keepsakes

If you’re exploring this great country of ours, you’ll no doubt pick up some souvenirs and keepsakes along the way. Don’t leave them to roll around in the back of your 4WD and get lost. There’s plenty of space in this camping storage box for all the souvenirs you might find.

12. Keeping Valuables Safe

Speaking of valuables, the Expedition134 offers secure storage with its padlock hole. We’ve even designed the padlock position under the box’s outside rim. This way it doesn’t rub against any other gear or your vehicle when driving.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

13. Children’s Toys

Family camping holidays always require a fair amount of toys for the kids. You can store these toys in your Expedition134 for easy access when you stop for a roadside picnic. That’s because we’ve designed the camping storage box to be opened even when it’s strapped to your vehicle.

14. Pots & Pans (highlight the design for easy stacking of items)

Setting up and packing up the camp kitchen is a long process. Adding a few Expedition134 storage boxes to your arsenal might speed it up. Pots and pans, cutlery and crockery and everything in between can be stored securely. The flat interior also makes it easy to stack these items so they don’t move around so much.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

15. Wet-Weather Gear

Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to access your wet-weather gear when you need it? Hopefully you never have to need it, but it always helps when you can grab it quickly. The Expedition134’s dedicated tie-down points certainly help you do this. No need to get drenched undoing straps when you can still open the lid.

16. Recovery Gear

Keeping your recovery gear handy and easily identifiable is always important when out bush. This colour-coded camping storage system certainly makes finding your gear easy. You can also quickly grab anything you need in a pinch, such as a shovel, winch and snatch, thanks to the tie-down points that don’t prevent the lid from opening.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

17. Washing Up Bucket

There’s no reason to forget about hygiene and cleanliness when camping. Don’t have a washing up bucket available? Simply turn your Expedition134 storage box into the kitchen sink. Its flat interior makes it easy to dry and clean after you’ve finished the washing up.

18. Long-Term Storage

The Expedition134 is also ideal for long-term storage of your camping gear. The lightweight storage box is stackable and effectively seals your gear off from moisture and bugs. You won’t have to worry about spider nests, mould or dead cockroaches when you next go camping. There’s a reason why it’s a favoured storage solution of doomsday preppers and anyone storing leather or other expensive goods for long periods.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

19. The Entire Camp Kitchen

As the photograph above proves, this heavy-duty storage box can fit your entire camp kitchen. It’s also a great way to safely store your gas bottles if you don’t want them rolling around in the back of your 4WD or rubbing up against anything.

20. Horse Mounting Block

Thanks to its 120-kilogram lid-load rating, the Expedition134 makes for a fantastic horse mounting block. If you’re at the Pony Club or out bush with your horse, just grab the Expedition134 storage box and hop on for your ride.

21. Horse Tack Box

If you’re going to use it as a horse mounting block, you might as well use it as a horse tack box, too. The Expedition134 offers safe and secure storage for all your expensive horse riding gear. Increase security by adding a padlock and rest easy knowing your gear is protected from rain and dust.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

22. Safe Power & Battery Storage

The team at Jamie’s Touring Solutions have actually been using the Expedition134 boxes to create portable dual battery power solutions. These custom-designed battery packs offer a variety of power options for savvy campers who love their modern comforts. It’s a safe and efficient way to power your campsite without any fears of damage, water leaks or dust. They’re also very powerful; great for running coffee machines and fridges and charging phones.

23. Keep Tinder & Firewood Dry

The unique weatherproof seals also make this camping storage box ideal for keeping tinder and firewood dry. You can also fit enough firewood for three or four nights in the box. Even if it buckets down with rain, your firewood will stay completely dry.

24. Solar Shower Water Heater

Purchase one of the black Expedition134 storage boxes to turn it into a water heater. Simply fill it up with water, close the lid and stick it out in the hot sun for the day. The box is built to withstand the harsh UV rays, but the water will be wonderfully hot when it’s time to shower.

25. Storing Diving & Spearfishing Gear

Looking for a secure and dry place to store your diving and spearfishing equipment? The Expedition134 storage box offers the right amount of space and security for your gear. It can also easily be transferred from your shed or garage to your boat whenever you need.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

26. Fishing Tackle Box

The Expedition134 also makes for a fantastic tackle box. The smooth, flat interior makes it easy to stack lure trays and organise your fishing tackle. It’s also designed to live on your boat, with no metal parts to rust and a dedicated weather seal to keep the water out.

27. Vehicle & Caravan Parts

If you’re heading off on a long trip, you’ll need a place to store your spare vehicle or caravan parts. This camping storage box is perfect for keeping those emergency supplies handy and protected.

28 Ways to Use Your Expedition134 Camping Storage Box

28. Pizza Delivery

This creative pizza delivery legend above has been getting the most out of his Expedition134 storage box. It fits perfectly on the back of his bike and is a great size for the pizza boxes. This is one of those unexpected uses we could’ve never predicted when designing the storage box.

The Most Versatile Camping Storage Box

We’re certain there are more uses for this camping storage box out there. You’ll just have to let us know as you explore Australia and the world with the Expedition134. Honestly though, we just wanted to create a storage box that made our lives easier. It certainly does that and more.

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