Good news and bad news from us this month. The bad news is we still don’t have any of our Expedition134 boxes available. They are coming, but we need to sort out a few repairs to our moulds, which is not a simple thing as they weigh about six tonnes. The good news is that we have successfully moved to a new production facility and are now happily ensconced on the Sunshine Coast with our new neighbours MaxTrax! Well, our moulds are anyway. Both Nic and I still live in Cairns and fly or drive down to handle the production runs.

We have had a good last few weeks testing new materials and are now refining things a bit further before we can produce a new batch of storage boxes. Initial testing is very positive and we even managed to chip up some old school chairs and turn them into fully recycled boxes to test. Some great stuff is happening with recycled materials in Australia, however 99 percent of it is still unfortunately imported from overseas. Our recycled material, if it works properly, will be 100-percent Aussie waste. Because of that, we’ve given the new recycled box the code name “The Mongrel Dog”.

It will be a right ‘bitza’ and we can almost say that each one will be unique in how it comes out of the moulds. There will be streaks and different colours everywhere, but with the right production techniques, it will retain the strength and features that set our Expedition134 boxes apart. It just might look like a Cape dog.

This whole concept is still in the testing phase. However, if you’re interested in what could be a bit of a first with using recycled Aussie materials to make Expedition134 boxes, send us a PM and we’ll keep you in the loop with developments.

Pre-Production Sale!

That’s right, get in first, get a discount and get free freight. We’ll release details and advertise the sale in due course when we know our dates, but if you’ve been emailing us looking for boxes, we want to reward you for your patience with this one-off sale.

New Colour Schemes

Yep, there are some changes happening here at Expedition134 and we have not been idle with our downtime. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for our new colours and a poll to have a say in what we manufacture first.

4WD Water Tank Storage

Water tank storage is just one of many crucial elements of a 4WDing trip. No one wants to run dry on water when they’re out in the middle of woop woop. That’s why we’ve just published our guide to 4WD water tank storage, including the various tank options and advice on keeping your water clean and safe. Click the link below to read the entire article.

4WD Water Tanks: Advice & Guidance for Safe Water Storage

New Brand Look!

To keep up with the new colour schemes, we have completely reinvented our branding as well. It was a big decision to ramp it up and change the brand look, but ultimately this is one we hope will take us a long way into the future and will better reflect the quality and the core of our business. We build products that are high quality and that give you the confidence to explore further!

Our Expedition134 boxes are now used all over Australia and taken into some of the harshest environments imaginable. Our friends at Back2Basics Adventures just used the boxes for three months solid living out of a boat whilst traveling from Cairns to the tip of Cape York and they safely kept their essential gear dry the whole time. The team at Wild Reaches have used them for months traveling Cape York filming, boating, fishing and camping and the boxes have not let them down once.

We are planning big things and want to take you on the ride. If you want storage that won’t let you down on your big lap of Australia or your solo yacht trip around the world, look no further than the Expedition134.

Welcome to Expedition 134

We’re excited to introduce the new Expedition 134 website, the new home for Open Sky Touring.

This change is another step in our journey to consolidate our branding and name in the marketplace.

While things might look different, the passion to make the toughest and most functional gear possible hasn’t.