When on the road, whether that be outback, urban or coastal, the difference between a dream trip and a nightmare can come down to preparation. That means having the right 4wd accessories for you and your vehicle.

There are many different pieces of 4×4 equipment available, ranging from key safety equipment to 12V fridges to keep those tinnies cold. Here are 10 essential 4×4 accessories to consider adding to your gear before your next trip. 

1. Ezy Anchor

The guys at Ezy Anchor have revolutionised the 4wd camping accessories game with their screw-in tent peg technology. The genius design includes using your drill to secure the tent pegs straight into the ground, saving you time and energy and ensuring better reliability.

The Ezy Anchor pegs also work for awnings, tarps and gazebos. There are several different starter packs suited for different terrains and setups, including coastal, outback and caravan.

Browse our Ezy Anchor products here.

2. Expedition134 Storage Box

The Exhibition134 storage box has more features than you can poke a stick at. Gone are the days of using flimsy, unreliable plastic storage boxes or heavy, inflexible drawers. These injection moulded boxes are designed to be lightweight, tough and robust.

They have a custom weather seal and high ridge for protecting your gear from the elements. They also feature convenient corner tie-in points, removable lids for easy stacking and lockable latches to deter campsite scavengers.

Browse our Expedition134 storage boxes here.

3. Roof Racks

If you’re looking to make additions to your 4wd camping accessories, roof racks should be at the top of your list. Most 4WDs come with roof rails, making roof rack installation simple. But if not, there’s a range of roof racks available that you can install from scratch.

This piece of 4×4 equipment comes in a variety of styles. Choice comes down to whether your priority is aerodynamics, versatility, cost or usage.

4. RacksBrax HD Hitch

Once you’ve got your roof racks in place, RacksBrax HD Hitch is the perfect partner. The innovative quick release HD Hitch makes loading up a breeze. In under 10 seconds, you can lock in or take off conduit tubes and roof rack mounted awnings. This can improve your fuel consumption and protect your gear when you’re not using it.

Browse the RacksBrax HD Hitch Standard Pack here.

5. 12V Fridge

When you’re looking to buy 4wd accessories, it may seem like a spurge, but having a 12V fridge in your 4×4 will take your trip to the next level. These are well worth the cost over the long term. You’ll no longer have to deal with an esky full of slush and you’ll be more self-sufficient on long trips. You’ll be amazed how much more efficient your trips become, and wonder why you didn’t get a 12V fridge sooner.

6. Bullbar 

Bullbars might add some aesthetic appeal to your vehicle, but this 4wd accessory also provides valuable protection. If you hit an animal when driving, there’s a good chance it will disable or damage your vehicle. A bullbar adds a barrier between you and the animal and takes the brunt of the impact. It also provides an easy winch mounting point if you get into trouble.

7. Driving Lights

A good set of driving lights might be the most important piece of 4wd gear you can buy for your safety. Standard headlights are fine for your average drive, but once you find yourself in the outback or on the sand with no street lights and/or bad weather, they can be practically useless. There are a number of makes and models out there, so make sure you do your research.

Looking for driving lights? Read our review on the Fyrlyt Nemesis

8. Air Compressor

When you buy 4×4 accessories, it’s easy to forget about the air compressor. One of the most important requirements for 4wding is lowering tyre pressure off road. Lower tyre pressure increases your footprint and traction. The ability to lower and increase your tyre pressure on the road gives you the flexibility to adjust your tyres for the varying terrain. If you can’t adapt, you might very well be needing a winch or a shovel.

9. Quick Release Straps 

Quick release straps will make your next trip a breeze. No more hours spent trying to undo ropes or battling your ratchet straps simply to access your gear. The Expedition134 QR straps are considered some of the best around and are designed specifically for the external tie down points on the Expedition134 storage box.

They’re Australian made using high-quality Australian and New Zealand components. The unique quick release clip design also means they’re easy to undo and will prevent you from over tightening the straps. They’re designed to make your life easier on the road.

Browse our Quick Release Straps here.

10.  Maxtrax Recovery Boards

If you’re a serious adventurer, no 4wd gear kit is complete without Maxtrax Recovery Boards. These super-tough boards made from engineering-grade reinforced Nylon will save you from bogs in sand, mud, snow and slush. They come with a lifetime warranty and are Australian made and manufactured.

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