Vehicle set ups

A year with the 79 Dual Cab (Part V)

A Year with the 79 Dual Cab – and a few further mods. Well, I’m now thirty thousand kilometers down the track with the build on […]

Landy Development Part Two – Diffs and Protection

A giant step forward in vehicle capability has been the installation of the Ashcroft Automatic Torque Biasing (ATBs) front and rear differentials. This has been on […]

Landy Development Part One

The never ending development of a 4wd is a deeply personal experience and sometimes both frustrating and even emotional when you realise you could have done […]

The 79 Series dual cab – Finishing Touches (Part IV)

The finishing touches can make all the difference to the comfort and effectiveness of a touring vehicle.  After getting the canopy built around ‘an idea’, and […]