About Us

We here at Open Sky Touring are a small team of like-minded people with a keen interest in remote 4wd touring, camping and fishing and have every intention of seeing all we can of the awesomeness of Australia. We’ve got an idea that we have decided to develop, but primarily we are about touring and being out there ourselves.  We will be sharing destination and travel advice from places we’ve been, some stories and photography, and a few reviews of some of our essential gear and the vehicles used on these trips.

Most of our experience so far has been in Far North Queensland where we’ve got Cape York on our doorstep.  We are now slowly branching out and doing short trips, in stages, to try and visit many of the iconic Australian destinations.  Having kids, short trips are about the best we can manage at the moment, and that big around Oz adventure of a lifetime is just going to have to wait. Already though we have managed to visit some of the Vic High Country, Grampians, Tasmania, some of the Central Australian deserts, and the Savannah Way.

Our Idea

Most family 4wdrives have to have a dual role and are not specifically designed for storage of gear when touring. They have to be able to handle the daily duties of toting the kids to school, and the dog for that walk in the park.  And then when you want to go on that big holiday and cross the Simpson, or tackle the Kimberley’s, they have to fit everything in as well.

Fitting an expensive set of custom drawers is the way to go right?  Everything has its place and the fridge sits to the right or left on a nice pull-out slide.  It’s all good, until of course, you get home and want to put the kid’s bikes in the back, or the dog wants to jump in to go to the park again.  Then those expensive drawers are suddenly a PITA!

Well, Open Sky Touring is going to have a crack at solving that riddle.

The Plan

In the near future, we will hopefully be releasing an answer to the dilemma we’ve described above. We are going to apply some of our experience, in combination with modern manufacturing and new technology, with a dash of outside the box thinking (that was conceived around a campfire), and bring to market an innovative storage solution for touring 4wdrive vehicles, that if it works, will allow 4wdrivers to tour and then put the bikes back in when home again.

Stay tuned as we document a bit of this new adventure and with some luck and hard work, produce the goods.  To start with we have designed an ‘Expedition’ grade storage box in a range of sizes, that is waterproof, dustproof, and has a tonne of other features specifically aimed at being suitable for touring 4wdrives, caravanners, campers, and fishers.  This essential bit of kit is moving rapidly towards first production and will be wholly Australian designed and made.  We hope to have these available shortly after the start of the New Year and already have interest from retailers in Australia and the US!

After that, we plan to design and build a lightweight frame for these boxes that will quickly release in and out of various vehicles to be another option to the drawer systems that are currently dominating the market.

Join us for the adventure and follow the progress or have your say, as we try and make a simpler solution more reachable for everyone.

Outback touring Australia