Nic’s passion for the outdoors was inherited from a father who took his children sailing and camping throughout Moreton Bay and its Islands. Moreton Island becoming a 2nd backyard when growing up.
As a child Nic whittled away the hours exploring the sand flats on the south of Moreton Island, taking the long walks up the beach with pieces of hardboard and candle wax to spend hours rocketing down the ‘Big Sandhill’ with his older brother.
As an adult Nic has taken opportunities to explore Australia’s remote offerings in his Land Rover Defender Puma spending many years living in Far North Queensland and exploring Cape York. Recent years have provided opportunities to quench his adventurous thirst with new remote experiences in Central and Southern Australia.

Ben has a passion for exploring new areas and the outdoors life, taking any opportunity he can to disappear for some bush therapy in a 79 series Landcruiser, that he has decked out specifically for his lifestyle.
A childhood fishing for Barra and Black Bass in Papua New Guinea, saw him inherit a sense of adventure, which has since seen him often at the end of a remote dusty track in the middle of nowhere, always looking to discover places that few others have seen.
Ben’s backyard for the last fifteen years has been Cape York and Far North Queensland, where a combination of 4wdrives and boats has always managed to fulfill the need to get away. More recently Ben has taken to exploring as much as possible during the wet season, experiencing a completely new appreciation of the beauty of the land, the renewal of life, and that feeling of timelessness.