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Expedition134 Heavy duty plastic storage box

The Expedition 134 General Purpose box was designed as part of a series of premium storage products for the outdoors and marine environments. As users wanting something better, we have designed a weather sealed storage box with a range of extra features needed by those in the Outdoors.

Expedition134 open sky touring
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Thousands of happy customers

The quality and finish of the container is very, very, good!

First of all, I’d like to say congratulations on producing a top-quality Aussie product.I’d have to say the quality and finish of the container is very, very, good! I love the smooth internal finish, the look/feel of the container, the size, the tie down points and general construction of the container.

I look forward to testing it against water and dust ingestion by running it on the back of my Can-Am Maverick SxS buggy, which is what I principally purchased it for – all other containers used so far have let in stacks of dust! I am quietly confident yours won’t!

On a side note, used to own and run a 4x4 Accessory Shop so consider myself to have a LOT of experience with 4x4 products, the good, the bad, the ugly and the plain ‘how can you sell such rubbish’!I am a passionate 4x4 enthusiast, have toured Australia extensively (using products that range from great to absolute rubbish) and love everything 4x4 related, especially good quality products that make touring easier and more practical. Again, congratulations and well done on a well thought-out, conceived and tested product.

Phil Trotman

Absolutely dust & water proof and super easy to clean the inside. Highly recommend.

I've just come back from a trip up the Gibb River Road with 3 brand new Expedition 134 boxes. They took a solid beating from all angles and apart from a couple of marks and scuffs, are still in perfect working order.

The strap grooves on the lid made slipping straps one less thing to worry about and they didn't shift when 2 were stacked on top of each other without tie downs. It took a couple of go's to find a knack to closing them, but now it's a breeze.

Absolutely dust & water proof and super easy to clean the inside. Highly recommend.

Adelaide FORD, Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia - July 2019

Has exceeded my expectations

Received my Expedition 134 box today.Despite being a little off the beaten track it found its way to be c/o Beagle Bay store up on the Dampier Peninsular, WA, which is pretty impressive in itself.When it arrived it looked just as good as I had expected, but actually feels more solid, so has exceeded my expectations.

We travel with a Tvan and have limited storage space.This replaced what we call our 'Kitchen Box', which travels in the rear of the Tvan, and has effectively increased our storage space.The old kitchen box 'did the job' but this box does it better.When we set up camp the box lives outside on the ground next to the slide out kitchen.This new one won't collect the morning dew.rain on it's lid.We also no longer have the need to ocky strap the lid closed each night to keep the various bush critters out.Wife is very happy.As someone who likes everything we carry to have more than a single purpose, this new box makes me happy too.Aside from secure storage, it will double as a stool, meaning the folding one I currently carry will no longer be needed, and we now have an extra 'seat' when the odd visitor without their own drops by our camp fire.

To be honest, I know it is 'only' a box, but I'm pretty stoked with it.Nice when you find something which solves several problems, is well made (giving confidence in it's durability) at a fair and competitive price.Good one people.

Ian Lock

Thanks for the super-fast delivery of the boxes!

Thanks for the super-fast delivery of the boxes!I’ve loaded them up for a quick weekender.I’m very impressed with them!Haven’t had a chance to fully figure out how to utilise them best, but so far, so good.

Besides Barrington being 90% gated off to anyone, the trip went well.It hailed and stormed for about 30 mins which was interesting.I used the boxes as a step to get into my roof top tent, it’s awesome you can stand on them.Also, when I came back down to sea level, the seals were so good that they had almost sucked the lid in.Maybe need to put an equaliser valve in them…

I love them though.I’ve been searching for a smaller box than my Trimcast ones for ages and this ticks the boxes.I’ll be buying more for sure.Have you thought about making yellow ones?

Alex Cheng

Far more solid than I anticipated

I've been following the build progress on these since the beginning and bought them as soon as they went on sale for our work vans and my camping and traveling plans.What really got my attention was the custom dust and rain seal and the external tie-down points.

We've put these in all our technicians vans and our work maintenance crew boss reckons he aint seen anything like them, even in his Canadian snow plowing days.

I also really like the flat floor in them and the smooth walls for easy cleaning.This is what I hate the most about the big heavy boxes.

Although I can easily swap them from the back of the Patrol up onto the roof, I use two in the back beside the fridge and one on the roof for the gear that I use less often.The external tie down points are great and mean I can open the box without having to undo the ratchet straps.Fantastic feature.Great that they are lockable as well.A very smart combination.These boxes are really well made and far more solid than I anticipated.Highly recommend them.

Mark Batty

Great Aussie Made Kit.

Have 2 of these already.The video doesn’t do them justice.Such great kit guys.Easily takes my 130kgs.Tough, great lid, great seals, no lost space inside due to big ribs and big lips like a space case.Great Aussie Made Kit.

Darren Thornton

Just received my first Expedition 134 box for my Aussie built Drifta DOT6.

They fit beautifully together. We will be adding 2 more to our setup before our next big trip 🙂

Michael Strickland, Toowoomba QLD

What was in the box is worth so much more than the investment.

The girls used your box today to take our testing gear to Orpheus Island. Said thank God because they got covered in Sea spray in 19knott winds.

I'm so pleased I purchased the box to protect our expensive equipment.

Heidi Jonsson - Norsafe Test and Tag, North Queensland

Buy 2 or more of our boxes & save on freight!

Buy 2 or more of our boxes & save on freight!

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