The Expedition134:
Australia’s Best Overland Storage Box

The Expedition134 is an Australian-made overland storage box 100% designed and developed for rugged and harsh outdoor environments by a 100% Australian-owned company. Overlanding is about exploration, not conquering obstacles. With the Expedition134, we’ve conquered the obstacles caused by so many other storage boxes, so we can all focus solely on the journey and those far-off destinations. 

Unlike storage boxes made of other materials, the tough, injection moulded Expedition134 does not stick to your fingers in the freezing weather, nor burn you after being left in the hot sun. The innovative and engineered design enhances overall strength and durability whilst reducing weight. So although the overland storage box weighs just 3.95 kilograms, the lid is rated to handle up to 120-kilogram loads and can easily double as a convenient step. The box also holds up to 55 litres of gear.

The Expedition134 is a heavy duty storage box with no metal parts that will rust or corrode in harsh environments. The custom seal design also keeps your overlanding equipment and food stores dry and free from insects, animals, dust and the elements.

Expedition134 - Smooth walls floor no ribs or internal lip

Overlanding takes a lot of self-reliance and we know you don’t need to be worrying about your equipment. No journey is too harsh or extreme for the Expedition134. It will travel with you to the most remote corners of the world. More importantly, it provides reliable storage in any environment, whether it’s rugged backcountry, salt-sprayed beaches or sandy desert. 

This tough and durable overland storage box won’t crack, leak or wear away quickly. The Expedition134 will be the same storage box from the beginning of your adventure, until the end. It will have just seen a few more incredible places. We back our product with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.

The Expedition134 overland storage box comes with reinforced external tie-down points on the corners, so you can secure it on a roof rack and still open the lid without having to undo and redo ratchet straps. This design is key to removing yet another frustrating obstacle many overlanders face with their 4WD storage.

The overland storage box’s flat internal floor makes it ideal for packing and easy to clean. These boxes are also designed to be stacked on top of each other, with the base of one box locking into place with the lid of another. The Expedition134 overland storage box also comes in four different colours, allowing you to colour-code and easily identify which box you require at a glance.

The design behind the Expedition134 overland storage box is based on years of experience overlanding and touring in the harsh Australian outback. It offers excellent value for money for those seeking a tough, durable and well-designed storage box for overlanding in the most rugged and harshest places around the world. 

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Expedition134 Boxes
  • Tough, but lightweight
  • Holds 55L of storage
  • Stackable and lockable with padlocks
  • Four colour choices for colour-coded storage and easy box recognition
  • Easy to clean
  • Flat internal floor for ease of packing overlanding essentials
  • Choice of safety orange for identification of safety/emergency gear
  • Weatherproof seals protect your gear from dust and rain
  • Will never rust in harsh salt water conditions or in corrosive environments
  • Comes with a two-year warranty and all fully replaceable parts
  • Proven in harsh traveling environments where weight saving is crucial
  • Easily locked to protect your food from scavengers


Open Sky Touring was established in 2015 by Ben Kincade and Nic McKenzie, from a breakdown in the Simpson Desert. From this, an idea spawned, and we developed the Expedition134 brand of products and have some more ideas in the pipeline. As we push to grow our range we remain just as keen on touring and being out there ourselves.

As proud Aussies we also 100% make our gear in Australia and go out of our way to support other small Aussie businesses as well. Our Expedition134 storage boxes are made in Brisbane, and our unique, quick-release straps are custom made in the small rural Queensland town of Mareeba. Accompanying our own products are what we consider is other quality made gear that we have used and proven ourselves, and as we find more items that we love, this range may expand even further.

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