Lockable Storage Box: Why is it a Must-Have for Campers

Lockable Storage BoxCamping’s all about making the best use of the limited resources you have on hand to ensure you’re safe, organised, and well-supplied out in the wilderness. As such, it’s essential to make sure that your possessions are kept safe and secure.

Without a good lockable storage box, all sorts of trouble can befall the items you need to rely upon. Bad weather such as rain could ruin your food. Wildlife could break into your possessions and cause some damage. It’s even a possibility that you could be a victim of theft from other campers.

To ensure that you can enjoy your camping trip with real peace of mind, we’re going to look at some of the most popular kinds of lockable storage boxes. We’re going to examine them in detail, look at their pros and cons, and give you an idea of what features you need to consider.

Metal boxes

Metal’s frequently considered as one of the best options for storage boxes, and for good reason. They are certainly resilient, but are they a great fit for camping? Here are a few points to consider about metal boxes.

  • They’re strong: There’s no denying is that the high durability and strength of metal makes it an effective security measure when compared to plastics and other materials. If you ensure you choose the right one, they can sustain a serious pounding without jeopardising the possessions inside and their seams are welded together to make sure that they can’t be pried open.
  • They’re long-lasting: Providing that you take good care of them, a good metal lockable storage box can last for years and years. As such, they’re highly reusable, with many used boxes being in just as good a condition as a brand new one.
  • Strong locks: Metal storage boxes also tend to come with heavy-duty metal locks that can be used to keep all of your tools and gears safe. When buying a metal box or a lock to fit on it, you should ensure that it has tamper-proof features, however, to make sure that it can’t simply be removed.
  • Doesn’t always seal well: Most metal boxes have welded edges, which makes them very secure. However, those that have locks fitted on them do not benefit from that same airtight seal at the top, which means they can let the weather in. The rain and moisture in the air could jeopardise any food you have in there, as well as rusting any metal tools inside.
  • Heaviness is inconvenient: If you’re sticking close to the car, the weight of a metal box might not be too much to bear. If you’re going on foot, however, it can become a serious problem. Furthermore, if they have to be bolted to the ute tray of your vehicle, they can’t be removed easily.
  • Rust: Depending on the metal used, corrosion could be a major factor, especially in the wild where it’s likely to be exposed to rain and moisture. If you have a box susceptible to rust, it’s essential you take the care to seal and protect it as necessary.
  • Can leave marks: Aluminium boxes don’t suffer the rust risks of other materials, but they can leave grey rub marks on any gear that’s been stored inside.

Roto-moulded Plastic Boxes

These heavy-duty plastic boxes are common for campers. However, here’s what you need to know before you invest in them:

  • Tough: Moulded for strength and durability, often with stainless steel latches and hinges, these boxes are designed to withstand all the bumps and knocks that you can expect on a camping trip. Rotomolded plastic is even used in the military, so it has strength you can trust in.
  • Weather sealed: Under most conditions, these airtight, waterproof boxes can ensure that the goods inside are fully protected from the weather.
  • Suitable for extreme weather: One of the problems of certain materials is how much they can heat up or cool down in extreme weather. Not only can it make them painful to touch, but it can have a serious impact on their resilience. Roto-moulded plastic boxes are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, making them perfect for those extra hot locations.
  • Susceptible to rust: The stainless-steel latches and clasps on these boxes are protected by chromium, which does fend off rust. However, this effect isn’t permanent. Being left in the weather for a long time, as can happen when camping, can cause them to eventually corrode, impacting the box’s ability to secure your goods.
  • Heavy: While you might expect plastic to be lightweight (and it is, compared to some metals), the roto-moulding process makes it significantly heavier than other plastic boxes. As such, it’s not the most portable option.
  • Difficult to clean out: Roto-moulded cases have a rugged design that lends them their famed strength. However, all the little gaps and divots can make it harder to clean out. If debris and residue are left inside, they can attract dust and moisture which can impact your tools and also lead to corrosion.
  • Hard to secure: Due to their design and rugged shape, these boxes can also be hard to tie down or secure, meaning you need to give extra thought to how you keep them from sliding around in transit.
  • Not entirely weatherproof: If the metal hinges are affected by corrosion, it can make the top unstable, which could end up letting the rain inside the box in the end.

The Expedition134 Box

camping storage optionA premium storage product designed specifically for outdoor and marine environments; these boxes are built to withstand all kinds of environmental pressure. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Lightweight: Built using injection moulding instead of being roto-moulded, they have a sleeker, more compact design that makes them easier to carry around. Less baulk and weight makes a more convenient box.
  • Tough: The high-tech injection moulding process ensures that you’re not sacrificing strength and resilience for the sake of lightness, either. They can take all of the pressure and impact of other roto-moulded boxes without a scratch to show for it.
  • Weather-sealed: Designed to fully seal against the weather, with high strength plastic clasps that aren’t susceptible to rust or corrosion over time. We’ve subjected these boxes to rigorous tests, including holding them underwater, and the seal holds up.
  • Easy-to-clean out: Unlike other high-strength plastic locked storage boxes, the interior of the Expedition134 is smooth with clean lines and a flat base. As such, they’re much easier to clean, reducing the risk of contaminants lurking inside the box.
  • Stronger locks: Each and every latch on these boxes have been designed to accommodate a lock. The padlock position is located under the outer rim, which holds them fast in place and ensures that the padlocks don’t rub on any surrounding gear during transit
  • Highly securable: These boxes can be used in the car, on a ute rack, or with any other kinds of transportation, both permanently and temporarily. Tie-down points can be used to secure the box from the corners or over the top. Securing it from the corners even means you can access the interior when it’s secured.
  • Stackable with ease: The boxes are designed to be stacked on top of one another and can be secured with a single strap.
  • UV stabilised: Besides being susceptible to water and rain infiltration and corrosion, some boxes will grow less stable under long-term exposure to sunlight. The Expedition134 is UV stabilised, so it doesn’t have that problem.

Which lockable storage box is right for you?

It’s important to consider your needs and the kind of environment you’re heading into when choosing the right lockable storage box. However, if you want all the benefits of a strong, weather-resistant box without the bulk, weight, or access issues they can bring, the Expedition134 might just be the solution for you.