Ezy Anchor is the name behind Australia’s award-winning screw in peg. The company was started by Peter Taylor and his son, two avid Aussie campers and outdoorsmen. In fact, it was Peter’s 25 years’ experience dealing with driving and pulling pegs, and his years as a ringer and jackaroo working outback cattle stations, that inspired this father-son duo to create the Ezy Anchor pegs.

After a truckload of research and development, testing various shapes, sizes and products, the boys finally found the right elements to create the perfect peg. The Ezy Anchor’s unique design offers campers three key benefits that no other peg has ever achieved:


The fluorescent-orange colour increases visibility of the Ezy Anchor. It also has a countersunk screw head and rounded surfaces, which don’t cause injury to flesh.


The signature hook shape, achieved through dedicated research and experimentation, stops your guy lines from releasing during rough weather.


The Ezy Anchor has durable and recyclable plastic that doesn’t give way or elongate when experiencing heavy loads. This prevents your awning or tent from being damaged.

As the name suggests, the Ezy Anchor is also incredibly easy to handle. All you need is a cordless drill or impact driver. We’ll let Peter show you exactly how easy it is in the video.

Prompted by personal tragedy, twin brothers Jerry and Tim Tyrrell started Survival back in 1988. They wanted to ensure every family had access to the best first aid equipment and knowledge. More than 30 years later, Survival is still one of Australia’s leading innovators in first aid products. It’s also still very much in the Tyrrell family, with Jerry and Tim leading the way, supported by Tim’s son, Mike Tyrrell, as CEO.

They started with The First Aid Emergency Handbook, which is now in its 5th edition and is the only book to ever win the Australian Design Awards. Over two million copies have been sold around the world and over 50,000 copies have been given away for free.

Next, they decided to create and distribute their own range of state-of-the-art Survival first aid kits. These have become one of the leading first aid products for homes, businesses and institutions around the world, including Volkswagen, NSW Government Health, Queensland Health and Audi. Survival has also given away more than 50,000 first aid kits over the years.

On top of all this, Survival also created the free iFirstAid app to make first aid easy and accessible to anyone. It’s now the most popular free first aid app on Apple.

Survival First Aid Kits

Survival currently offers eight different first aid kits tailored for specific situations, locations or compatibility. Each one comes with state-of-the-art first aid equipment.

  1. SURVIVAL Workplace First Aid Kit
  2. SURVIVAL Snake Bite Kit
  3. SURVIVAL Home First Aid Kit
  4. SURVIVAL Travel First Aid Kit
  5. SURVIVAL Handy First Aid Kit
  6. SURVIVAL Vehicle First Aid Kit
  7. SURVIVAL Compact First Aid Kit
  8. SURVIVAL Marine Scale G First Aid Kit