Ute Boxes: 7 Reasons Why The Best Ones Aren’t Made of Metal

ute boxesHere at Open Sky Touring, we are known for our brilliant Expedition134 ute box that can fit to the back of a wide range of ute vehicles. This semi-permanent box simply fits into the rear tray of the vehicle, allowing drivers to carry various goods, tools, and equipment around with them. It’s perfect for builders and other tradesmen for taking everything they need to their jobs. 4WD enthusiasts will also benefit from having this extra storage space in their ute.

If you take a look at our Expedition134 ute box, you will probably notice one notable feature – it isn’t made from metal! In fact, out rane is made from a moulded plastic, which has a range of benefits over similar steel and metal boxes.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe the best ute boxes aren’t made out of metal!

1. Light weight

One of the first things that many people notice about the Expedition134 ute box is that it is extremely lightweight. You certainly won’t struggle trying to lift it in and out of the vehicle whenever you need to. This is the complete opposite of metal boxes, which tend to be on the heavier side. If you are a builder or other tradesman who will be regularly lifting the ute box in and out of the vehicle most days, then it is highly advisable to go for a lighter moulded plastic box. It will really save your back!

2. Tough and Durable – Engineered strength using Injection moulding

Not only is the Expedition134 ute box very light weight, but it is also tough and durable as well! Many people assume that light weight boxes will be less durable than the heavier metal ones, but that really isn’t the case. No matter what you put this ute box through, it will certainly be able to take the pounding. So, even if you are driving along a rocky, bumpy road, there is no need to worry about this box ever getting dented or damaged. Whatever you have stored in it is going to be safe and secure inside, for sure.

3. Weather sealed and lockable

As the back of ute vehicles are open and exposed to all the various elements, you will want to make sure that nothing in the Expedition134 is ever damaged by the weather. Thankfully, this is one worry that doesn’t need to be on your mind as the moulded plastic is completely weather-proof and also comes with a very effective seal that ensures all rain and wind is kept outside. What’s more, the ute box is lockable allowing you to keep all of its contents safe and secure. You can lock it down on the back of your ute and have peace of mind knowing that no one is going to be able to get in. Even when you take it with you, it will still be extremely difficult for anyone to break in and steal all of the box’s contents.

4. Easy to clean out

We know that builders, tradesmen, and 4WD enthusiasts will be putting all sorts into their ute boxes, somethings which could leave a bit of a mess. Once you start to use the Expedition134 ute box, you will find that no mess is too difficult to clean up. The box is very accessible, making it easy to get right into it to clean right in the corners. The moulded plastic can be simply wiped clean too which is helpful when it comes to cleaning up any spillages and drips. Both the interior and exterior are really easy to clean, so you will be able to keep it looking good. Regular cleaning also means that you will be able to store any kinds of materials and chemicals without worrying about any cross-contamination.

5. Cheap and Cost-effective

It doesn’t matter the size of your budget as the Expedition134 is very reasonably priced. We know that builders and tradesmen are working with tight finances and can’t always afford to splurge on certain business expenses, but cheap accessories are things you shouldn’t lose any sleep over. They are extremely cost-effective and you will be hard pressed to find any others that are quite as cost-effective on the market right now. Businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals, will be able to afford the brilliant Expedition134!

6. Plastic toolboxes are noncorrosive

We’ve already mentioned that the Expidition134 weather-proof, ensuring the contents aren’t affected by any wind, rain, or other inclement weathers, but we also need to tell you that they are noncorrosive as well! We know that many tradesmen use their ute boxes to store and transport various kinds of chemicals and other potentially corrosive materials. These can be quite damaging to the metal in steel boxes, so it’s always best to go for one made from moulded plastic if you do indeed transport any potentially dangerous chemicals and materials. There is no danger of the corrosive contents corroding the ute box and leaking onto your vehicle.

As well as nothing being able to corrode your ute box from the inside, the ute box itself will not rust or corrode on the outside either. This sturdy storage box will be able to withstand the cold and the rain without rusting at all. This is especially good news if you want to store metal tools in your ute box, as there’s no chance of a rusty container causing them to also corrode.

7. Resist rises in temperature

Of course, not everyone will be only storing tools and equipment in their Expedition134. Some 4WD enthusiasts who go for day-long rides will pack snacks, drinks, and other fresh supplies in theirs. Tradesmen, workmen, and others who use their ute vehicle for work most days will want somewhere to store their packed lunch. The Expedition134 ute box is the perfect place for you to store all of your fresh food as it will resist any rise in the temperature. So, even on the hottest summer days, everything in your box will remain remarkably cool. You will be able to take a drink out of there and still enjoy its refreshing coolness. This is also good news if you are transporting any materials that need to be stored in cooler temperatures. There’s no need to worry about driving them around in the hot summer heat.

As well as that, lockable boxes that aren’t made out of metal are also resistant to colder temperatures as well. The cold won’t penetrate them and cause any of the contents to freeze. So, if you also worry about driving around with water or other perishable goods in the ute box, there’s no need to be quite so scared about the colder temperatures in winter.

As you can see, these seven reason why the best ute boxes aren’t made of metal are quite compelling. We bet you never knew that there were so many advantages of using boxes that were made out of a moulded plastic. But that is certainly the case when it comes to our range of Expedition134 boxes. From the first time you pack yours up and attach it to the back of your ute, you will notice a big difference compared to the metal and steel alternatives.

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